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Situated in a historic 1831 building nestled in the heart of New Orleans’ storied French Quarter. Since its founding in October 1969, it has become a mecca for Jazz lovers and musicians alike.


The proprietor and his team provide a locale that is a “Home Away From Home” for Jazz aficionados from around the globe. 


Fritzels brings Joie de Vivre, those elusive moments of cheerful enjoyment that make life worth living. In New Orleans, we find them in good food, great conversations, shared laughter, and uplifting music. In a city that has known its share of hardships, there is a place where one can join many others seven nights a week to have their spirits raised and feel the joy of being one’s self as they have for over fifty years. The joy of life lives in the 700 block of Bourbon Street at Fritzel’s European Jazz Club.


The Fritzel’s Jazz Band brings the energy, enthusiasm, and spontaneity they are known for every night of the week. The jubilance of the music is beautiful, wondrous, and soul-stirring. Listening to it will make you realize that this moment, the one you are in while listening to this talented group of New Orleans musicians, is singular and fulfilling. Troubles drop away for a moment and a love of life emerges. Listen and experience Joie de Vivre.

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Sunday – Thursday

8:00pm – Till

Friday – Saturday

8:00pm – Till

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